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Contact. Lake Hamilton School District 205 Wolf St. Pearcy, AR 71964 Phone: 501.767.2306 better different nucleus size body adapted job Exercise 2 – Join up the cells below to their correct descriptions. Ciliated cell This cell is found lining the windpipe. Its surface is covered with tiny hairs called cilia. These waft dirt and germs up to the throat. In the table, you can see that the ratio of the bases is 15/20. This reduces to $\frac{3}{4}$. Also in the table you can see that the ratio of the two right sides is 6/8.

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as larger text will stands out more. Use the largest text for headings and extremely important points. Balance Balance keeps the design focused and easy to read. Create balance by using big items closer to the center and small items on the outer edges. Think of balance as a seesaw (Figure 1). Big items weigh more and hold down that end of the ...

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Apr 07, 2020 · Highlight to apply underlining to existing text. Hold down the Shift key and use the arrow, Home and End keys or the mouse to highlight the text you want to underline. Press Control-U or Command-U to apply the underline. Hit Escape or an arrow key to remove the highlight without accidentally erasing the block of text.

Oct 25, 2017 · For some reason, the emoji panel in Windows 10 is tied to your keyboard’s language. Specifically, if you have anything other than English (United States) set as the input language the emoji panel will not open. To fix this and to change the input language, open the Settings app and go to Time & Language. With the shape selected, on the Shape Format tab, select Shape Outline > Sketched, and then select a line width. (The smaller the point size ("pt"), the thinner the line is.) Add or remove a border for a shape or text box Select the shape or text box to which you want to add, change, or remove a border.

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